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The Datatronics family of companies specializes in custom magnetics and offers standard products as well for Switching Transformers, Isolation Transformers, Gate Drive Transformers, Current Sense Transformers, Pulse Transformers, Wideband RF Transformers, Three-Phase Transformers, Step/Control Transformers, LAN Filters, Inductors, Chokes and Coils.
Custom Magnetics Capabilities Custom Magnetics Capabilities
DRI-DDI SF Catalog & Capabilities
IPI Magnetics Catalog & Capabilities
Mil/Aero Capabilities Brochure

Custom Magnetics Design Sheets Custom Magnetics Design Sheets
Transformer Design Worksheet - web
Transformer Design Worksheet - print
Inductor Design Worksheet - web
Inductor Design Worksheet - print

Other Custom Magnetics Documents Other Custom Magnetics Documents
Datatronics Approved U/L Insulation
   Systems for Canada
Datatronics Approved U/L Insulation
   Systems for the USA

Glossary of Terminology for Transformers
RoHS Policy Letter
Statement of Compliance of REACH
 Conflict Materials Statement
Custom Magnetics Application Sheets Custom Magnetics Application Sheets
Power Application Sheet
Medical Application Sheet

Custom Magnetics Articles & White Papers; Custom Magnetics Articles & White Papers
Magnetics: Design, Specification, Performance,
   and Economics

Current Sense Transformer Application
   Design Guidelines

Alternate Source White Paper
Article on the Magnetics Often Used in
   Switch Mode Power Supplies

Measuring Distributed Capacitance in
   Transformers White Paper

Switch Mode Power Supplies and Their
   Magnetics Tutorial

The Reemergence of Quality from Switching
   Power Magazine

Transformer Design for Charging Defibrillator

Transformer Design for RoHS Compliance
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The Datatronics family of companies designs and manufactures custom magnetics as well as standard products including: transformers and inductors for switch mode power supplies, high voltage transformers, RF magnetics, common mode chokes, coils, gate drive transformers, current sense transformers, pulse transformers, wideband RF transformers, telecommunication transformers, isolation transformers, three-phase step/control transformers, data bus transformers, LAN filters, solenoid coils and more.
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