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Custom Battery Charging Transformers Custom Battery Charging Transformers
The reliable Battery Charging Transformer Series supports a wide range of standard and custom voltage battery-powered devices such as fork lifts, tow tugs, factory carts and truck pallet lifters that operate in rugged plant environments.
Custom aerospace transformers Custom Magnetics For Aerospace
As a custom magnetics supplier, we're pleased to have been part of the Pluto New Horizons Probe supply chain team. Congratulations to NASA for reminding us about the excitement of exploration and the benefits of scientific discovery.
Custom Magnetics for Power Gen Apps Sheet
Custom magnetics are required in a wide range of power generation and power conversion equipment. Let us help you with a custom design solution or find the right component off-the-shelf. The best place to start is with this new applications sheet.
Flat Wire Inductor Custom Magnetics Flat Wire Inductor Custom Magnetics
Ask about our custom magnetics designs for flat wire inductors. They are ideal for power supply applications where high temperatures often affect performance. Their compact flat wire design provides for better thermal management, which results in superior performance and reliability.
Single Phase 50/60 Hz Step/Control Transformers Custom Magnetics For Industrial Step/Control Transformers
Featuring superior reliability, advanced performance and rugged construction, our single phase 50/60 Hz Step/Control Series Transformers are ideal for industrial applications. Ask us about custom magnetics design solutions to meet your needs.
Custom Three-Phase Industrial Transformers Three-Phase Transformer Custom Magnetics Designs
With their advanced performance, rugged construction and superior reliability, our modular Three-Phase Transformer Series delivers superior power management in a wide range of instruments and controls designed for heavy-duty industrial use. Ask us about custom magnetics solutions for three-phase industrial transformers.
Custom Magnetics for Medical Apps Custom Magnetics for Medical Apps
Datatronics provides a wide range of custom magnetics solutions for the manufacturers of life-saving medical devices and equipment. Our high-voltage, high-reliability transformers, inductors, coils and assemblies can be designed to support many medical devices.
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Custome Magnetics Technology for America IPI Custom Magnetics Brochure
Transformer Design for Charging Defibrillator Capacitors  Design, Specification, Performance & Economics
Custom Transformer Design Custom Magnetics Design
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The Datatronics family of companies designs and manufactures custom magnetics as well as standard products including: transformers and inductors for switch mode power supplies, high voltage transformers, RF magnetics, common mode chokes, coils, gate drive transformers, current sense transformers, pulse transformers, wideband RF transformers, telecommunication transformers, isolation transformers, three-phase step/control transformers, data bus transformers, LAN filters, solenoid coils and more.
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