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Magnetic Flow Meter Application Motoro Speed Controls Applications Sensors, Data Acquisition & Contol applications needed in Oil Wells
Magnetic Flow Meters
Municipal water and wastewater treatments untilize electromagnetic technology flow meters to measure volumetric flow of incoming water and as it passes thought the various stages of the treatment process. Custom magnetic coils from Datatronics emit a magnetic field from the instrument, which is inserted in the pipe, that can be correlated to water flow.

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Motor Speed Control
From large global shipping hubs to internet shopping distribution centers to inventory conveyor systems to automate assembly equipment in many factories, motor speed controls are essential to keep things moving. Custom transformers and inductors from Datatronics provide control of motor speeds and reduce EMI to ensure a smooth operational flow.

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Sensors, Data Acquisition & Control
A wide variety of inductrial processes depend
on temperature, pressure, flow and other
analog sensor measurement signals that may be converted to digital data for use by
acquisition and programmable logic controllers. Custom transformers and inductors from Datatronics assist in AD signal conversion circuirty.

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