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FAQs |  Quick Answers to Common Questions
Datatronics, established in 1971, is a global leader in magnetics technologies offering world class manufacturing, total quality management, responsive service and superior value.  Our design, service and manufacturing facilities are located worldwide to support our customers.
Q. Are your products REACH and ROHS compliant?
A. Yes, this information and the date of compliance are on our web site.

Q. Are you moving out of China?
A. No, we are not planning to move out of China. We are offsetting cost increases by mechanizing and automating our production.

Q. Do you have barcoding capabilities?
A. Yes, we can barcode packages. Please provide your requirements and barcode specifications.

Q. Can I have custom magnetics next week if I order them today?
A. We carry inventory in California for up to 12 months.

Q. Are you considered a small business, woman owned, etc.?
A. No, we are not considered a small business/minority or woman owned.

Q. Is there a fee for your engineering design help?
A. We will work with you on the engineering costs based on the potential value of the product quantity to be ordered.

Q. Do you provide samples at no charge?
A. Depending on the product, the quantity and cost, we can provide no-cost samples.

Q. Who can I contact with a technical question?
A. We encourage customers to use our technical support request forms on our web site, which we closely monitor for opportunities to resolve issues.

Q. What is your typical lead time?
A. This is highly dependent on the materials required for the end product. Most of our products are custom designs. Lead time can run from 4 to 16 weeks.

Q. Do you stock raw materials to shorten lead time?
A. Yes, we carry a large inventory of raw materials. We are happy to work out a stocking agreement on any custom or non-standard materials

Q. How long will you carry inventory in California?
A. We carry inventory in California for 12 months.

Q. Are you ISO certified?
A. Yes, we are ISO 9001 certified. Please see our ISO certificates on our web site.

Q. Where are your manufacturing plants located?
A. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Menifee and Perris, California, as well as in Hong Kong and Shunde, China.

Q. How are your parts packaged and where?
A. Our parts are packaged for shipment at the point of manufacture to meet the end-customers’ specifications. We may put them in larger containers, but the final, individual packages will arrive to the customer as requested.

Q. Will you carry reserve inventory on our parts?
A. Yes, we will.

Q. How long is the freight time if we ship by boat from China?
A. Freight time by boat from China is usually four to five weeks.

Q. Do you have the capability to gap cores
A. Yes, we have been professionally gapping cores for many years.

Q. Does inductance change if we pot the transformer?
A. This is dependent on the potting materials used. Some materials may require a buffer prior to potting.

Q. Do you have an isolated or restricted stock room?
Yes, all materials are in a restricted access area. In order for an item to be issued, proper documentation is required.

Q. Do you have tooling capabilities, such as a machine shop?
A. We have an excellent machine shop with highly-experienced machinists.

Q. Is tooling identified and placed in an identified area?
A. Yes, all tooling is tightly controlled.

Q. Do you have a material review board (MRB) area and a preliminary review board (PRB) area?
A. Yes, both are in a quality controlled, limited-access area.

Q. Do you take credit cards
A. No, we do not accept credit cards.

Q. Can you comply with MIL STD 981?
A. Yes, we are fully qualified to MIL STD 981.

Q. What are your test capabilities?
A. We have complete environmental, screening and testing capabilities. Please review our short form catalog and our Military capabilities bordure on our web site.

Q. Does thermal shock change the parameters of the transformer?
A. Thermal shock can change the parameters, but this is something that we can design around. Thermal shock testing is our most frequently used prescreening test methodology.

Q. To what extent is the testing automatic?
A. We have complete automatic testing capability as well as manual test equipment.

Q. Is your facility climate controlled?
A. Our facilities are completely climate controlled in all critical assembly areas.

Q. What percentage of the workforce is engaged in quality control?
A. About 15 to 20 percent of our workforce is involved with quality control.

Q. What is your production yield?
A. We normally have production yields of around 97 to 98 percent. For anything less, we do a complete analysis to identify how the parts are failing and how the design can be improved. Our goal is to have 99 to 100 percent yields.

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