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New Flat Wire Inductors Excel At High Temperatures

Ideal For High Temperature Power Supply Applications
DR79892 & DR79893 Flat Wire Transformers

Featuring a “flat wire” design that is coiled and mounted directly to the circuit board to allow efficient heat dissipation, the new DR79892 and DR79893 Flat Wire Inductors from Datatronic Distribution, Inc., are designed for performance in power supplies, industrial controls and instrumentation applications.

Flat wire inductors are ideal for power supply applications where high temperatures often affect performance. Their compact flat wire design provides for better thermal management, which results in superior performance and reliability. The unique design of the Model DR79892 and DR79893 allows heat.

The DR79892 and DR79893 Inductors are insulated to a minimum of 100M Ohm at 500Vac between coil and core. Rated to Insulation Class E, they are operable to a high temperature of 120°C (248°F). ;These design characteristics make them useful for equipment produced for use in heavy-duty commercial or rugged industrial environments.

The Model DR79892 Flat Wire Inductor features an inductance of 4.0µH and a rated inductance of 2.5 µH. It offers a 45A rated current, a 0.8m Ohm maximum DC resistance and 500Vac isolation between coil and core. These inductors are sized at 0.63 inch (16 mm) width by 1.14 inch (29 mm) length by 1.16 inch (29.5 mm) seated height.

The Model DR79893 Flat Wire Inductor features an inductance of 45 µH and a rated inductance of 40 µH. It offers a 30A rated current, a 4.0 Ohm maximum DC resistance and 500Vac isolation between coil and core These inductors are sized at 1.14 inch (29 mm) width by 1.69 inch (43 mm) length by 1.97 inch (50 mm) seated height.

In 10,000 piece quantity, the Datatronic DR79892 Flat Wire Inductor is available beginning at $3.50 each, and the DR79893 Flat Wire Inductor in 10,000 piece quantity is available beginning at $7.60 each.Lead-time is stock to six weeks. Volume OEM pricing is available upon request.

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