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 Transformers, Telecom, SMT
Datatronics manufactures "off the shelf" and custom transformers for line matching and isolation for T1, ISDN, DSL, ADSL and HDSL applications. Please contact the factory for customer designs to meet your requirements.
SM501-1 SMD Telecom TransformerSM501-1 Surface Mount Telecom Transformer
Subminature in SMT
7.1mm Seated Height
Vacuum Encapsulated
Tested at 4600VRMS
UL60950-1 Listed
BS415 approval for SM-LP5001**
Weight about 2 grams

Datasheet(PDF format)
 SM502-1 Telecom Transformer
Subminature in SMT
7.1mm seated Height
Vacuum encapsulated
Tested at 4600 Vrms
BS415 approval for SM-LP5002
UL1459 File No. E173817 Insulation System
BABT Approval EN60950 No. CRC 0047


Datasheet(PDF format)
 SM75570 Modem Transformers
Designed for use of Conexant Smart HSF FFI Chipset.
Approved to UL1950 and BABT EN60950.
SMT package. Small size.

Datasheet(PDF format)
 SM75571 Modem Transformer
Designed for use of Conexant SMART HCF FFI Chipset.
Approved to UL1950 BABT EN60950.
SMT package

Datasheet(PDF format)
SM76000 PhotoSM76000 Modem Transformer
Designed for Conexant SMART HCF FFI Chipset
UL1950 / EN60950 and BABT approved
SMT package
Small size

Datasheet(PDF format)
SM76315 PhotoSM76315 Transformer
Designed for use with Silicon Laboratories ProSLIC
devices Si3210M, Si3215M and Si3216M.

Datasheet(PDF format)